Creating A Brand

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Creating a logo for my Human and Canine supplement brand has taken a U-turn into a more humorous direction. Better to laugh than to cry.

At first it was a simple label: the Club Howler logo at the top and the name of the supplement in the middle of the bottle. My emphasis is on humans taking care of themselves, so they stay strong to take care of their dogs. Nothing too funny about that.

Enter the idea of a cartoon. Naturally, the dog in the cartoon is a Boston Terrier, the biggest buffoon on the planet. He makes me laugh all day long.

As for a cartoon for seniors, who now are the baby boomers growing old, we were raised on cartoons and comics. I think we would welcome a laugh or two, as we are reminded of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons, or Looney Tunes or the Sunday comics.

I’ve been working on getting this off the ground all year. My local consciousness self gets frustrated and experiences doubt as to whether this will ever happen or not. Then I turn into my non-local more mystical, timeless self, who lets go of time, self, identity, and personality. Only then can I proceed with hope about what is in store for my business in 2024 because 2023 is fast approaching its end. It’s my choice to be frustrated or liberated. As a human, I often experience both sides of these realities, and consciously know what is best for my stability.

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