Nursing Career Transformation

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I’ve been tapping as I listen to Joe Dispenza’s meditations on his website. Becoming a new version of the self I’ve held onto for years has been a liberating experience. Today, I had to take a U-Turn on a project I’ve been working on all year. At first, I saw the old me have a grief reaction, because I believed in the project so much. Then I saw myself transform my consciousness from despair to viewing light rays through clouds giving way to a new moment. This is known as the Life of change.


I was in the throes of developing a Private Label Canine Supplement brand, as I've been writing about here. The challenge was the dog supplements were not being presented to the world in a timely fashion. I had a conference call with members of my HoneyComm community, and we brought the problem up for oxygen.


My mentor said, who do you want your target audience to be?


I blurted out, "NURSES."


If dog supplements do become available, nurses can be included in that kaleidoscope of opportunity.


Nurses have pain points like no other group. They will be easy to serve. I've been a nurse for 40 odd years. Their pain points are my pain points. As I serve them, I also will be finding solutions for my own life.


A simple concept but oh-so-true.

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