Spider Medicine

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I saw a big hairy spider in my bedroom last night. She went around in circles for a while, then she wandered off. I tuned into her and discovered she has a personality and I sent her love.

This morning she is back again, closer to the door where I can set her free. But she is already free. I just don’t want to step on her accidentally plus she just disappeared again. What is the spider teaching me? I ask that of all encounters, as life goes on. Life is so quiet. Today is cold and all doors and windows are shut. I therefore commune with all that surrounds me. The books, the food, the vitamins, the flowers, the Kasino. And Pearl. And Maso.

I brought out my Ted Andrews book called Animal Speak. Tomaso and I used to refer to it often when we lived at our beautiful farmhouse where energy from wild magical nature surrounded us with the birth and rebirth of plant and animal. I was once stung by a brown recluse spider while living at the farm, and felt a sense of ebb and flow as the life force receded from my body. Strong antibiotics cured any residual effects.

Now spider medicine returns again. Ted Andrews wrote that spider is the guardian of ancient language in alphabets. Earlier cultures believed the alphabet was formed by the geometric patterns and angles found within the spider’s web. To many, this was the true alphabet. This is why spider is considered the teacher of language and magic of writing. Perhaps all writers have spider in their animal totem. I know she is in mine. Writing this blog is one part of my spiritual practice. I now imagine spider medicine teaching me how to use the written word with creative Power as my words weave a web around those who read them.

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