Aging Canines

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Dogs don’t live as long a life as most of us, depending on size, weight, diet and exercise of any given dog, also taking into account their daily routine.

Dogs love routine. They also love harmony and laughter in their home, music, dancing, and singing. If the animal was abused and beaten, creating harmony provides the safest and shortened route to true healing.

Dogs teach patience. My 4 1/2 months old Maso has just discovered shoes, and now I have decorated every surface in my home with shoes. This too shall pass. Dogs teach unconditional love. Holding the dog to the heart amplifies synchronization of heart and brain. Then can we better navigate the world that can feel cruel and heartless. A dog will soften the blow of the thinking of the world.

Dogs teach forgiveness. Whenever temptation arises to hold grievances and resentments, gazing into the loving and trusting eyes of a dog smooths the rough edges. And they know.

Dogs teach us to heal from the inside out. When I sit with Pearl and Maso, a profound sense of peace over takes my consciousness. All the bitter pills I take wasting time towards the world and other human beings is negated by the juicy love hits from my dogs.

We take care of them as they in turn are healers for us.

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