Doggy Dolphins to Club Howlers

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Doggy Dolphins to Club Howlers

My husband, Tomaso, and I always wanted to start a business with dogs as the brand. Once we came up with making healthy treats in the form of a dolphin, but at the time, we couldn’t find suitable molds for the treats. Plus, it was too labor-intensive.

After Tomaso’s death, I opened an Etsy store, but ideas for that were not panning out. I bought a domain for that called ”Healing 4 Dog Lovers.” My thinking at the time revolved around a counseling service for those who lost their dog in addition to selling portraits of the dog who died or more appropriately traveled the rainbow bridge. Again, nothing so far has come of it.

I took a course on how to tie in with Amazon brands to become a reseller on their platform. That is a work in progress.

Now I have developed a Private Label supplement brand for dogs, and the people who love them, perhaps targeting older folks who love to raise dogs well into their 80s. After all, I am in that age bracket, or soon to be. We all know how time flies when you’re having fun.

We want our dogs to be ultimately healthy and to give them the physical exercise to remain strong, even as we keep up with them. Walking several miles a day comes to mind. Ball throwing and good old fashion playing are up there on the list of fun activities with your dogs. I recently got a Boston Terrier puppy, named Maso for my late husband. He will be a mascot for my new business.



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