Buffalo Bones

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When my friend Samantha turned 80 years of age, she taught me an important lesson: no one is too old to get a dog! She has taught me many more valuable lessons over the years, but this one is the most recent. When Tomaso drew his last breath, and as I near my 73rd birthday, I feel the ageism belief system of American culture permeate my consciousness. My dog Pearl turn will turn 12 in a few days. I worry about her death. I worry about all the people who have died of CV19. Clearly, I have much clearing out to do to bring death out of my own closet.

Pearl the dog was my greatest gift coming out of Tomaso‘s passing. I’ve discovered ways to make sure her health is promoted every step, every breath we take together. The buffalo bones are step number one: we used to buy marrow bones for Pearl but she gained too much weight. We kept the bones and now I stuff them with: organic ground beef, organic carrots, Chia Seeds, olive oil, Brewers Yeast, organic kelp powder and kale from my garden. Then I mix together and freeze them. I will soon be adding organic Spiralina powder to the mix.

Now Maso the pup gets a bone when I have to go to work.

Step number two: I also add organic liquid collagen plus a tablet of immune support for senior dogs to her breakfast kibbles.

Step number three: We walk 5 to 8 miles a day, and we break up the day with interesting but simple activities such as me dancing to the Rolling Stones for her amusement.

Samantha got a rescue dog around her 80th birthday. She helped him smooth out his fears born of abandonment. When he died, she got a Australian Shepherd, as a puppy!

He is a true blessing.


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